Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is Important Today?

mental wanderings without purpose

Frankl in search of meaning got me thinking. Philosophy and meaning, what else is there? The object of logotherapy is to modify/increase meaning to make life more, better, without effecting the philosophy. But so many of us suffer from philosophical issues, might it not be simpler to just create and load a whole new logos, rather that patching up the old one piecemeal? Really, since it is self loading, it must be piecemeal over the existing, one concept at a time.

So what would a new cultural free logos look like? Could it be cultural free? No, it could not be culturally free, for the existing human operating system was loaded during childhood/student/youth/young adult/adult/old adult stages, and is immersed in culture. Any new logos would contain elements of the culture or digital culture from which it came. It come down to what is the ideal philosophy/meaning to paint onto life in the present environment, and present time.

We are in control of our decisions, but we can only chose between available or conceived options. We have control of our attitudes which is a big part of how we react to life, and every situation. Since we have control of our decisions, and attitudes, we have control over our opinions, and what we accept or reject. This gives us control over our beliefs, values, ethics, characteristics we emphasize, and those we suppress. That gives us control over our desires and aversions, motivations, and a number of other mental or geist issues. Once we start to even think about getting the body to do something, we can only influence the physical part of us.

There is one of my problems, conceived options. I do not generate options readily. I could just sit here and drink tea, or I could write a bit, or....

Our mind is logically responsible for only that which we have control over. It is therefore illogical to "take responsibility" in the absolute sense, for anything we are not in complete control of, yet the law expects that we will. Responsibility is therefore only an approximation of control, and is only what others would like to control, not actual control, only proximate control. So we only take proximate control at best of anything beyond our mind, and therefore can only have proximate responsibility. 

The logos would need to a encyclopedia type of book. To impose order on a wind ranging group of concepts would be near impossible. AC Grayling has made a effort of writing clips on many subjects, but does not go near the basics. The logos must lay out concepts which then can be picked up individually, with both the up size and the down side discussed. Many concepts have both, which provide rational limits on the characteristic. Consider charity; families can easily get into finical difficulty if we are too charitable, trusting, gullible. Many of the modern charities are essentially business that pay the administrators very well.  We need compassion, but not get stupid about it.

So what is the next move?

As a retired person, my views may be slanted. My impending death (0 to 23 years) should provide a sense of urgency of action, or so says the stoics. Yet, much of the time, I just do not care, tomorrow is another day. Today is day 24676. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. Growing old is optional, death is not. After we consider death, all else is more positive. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.      

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