Monday, October 3, 2016


My first experience with the medical system. "Cut your intake in half." and when we are unable, we are labeled noncompliant. And that is where any help ends. Nobody ever bothered to figure out why I was unable to comply.

Food knowledge and quantity is only one part. It is essential but not sufficient for recovery. 

The why of overeating is essential for recovery. Each of the following are real and separate issues that must be addressed and resolved.

Food addiction must be addressed and overcome.

Similar to food addiction is insulin overshot which causes premature hunger, repeated hunger. this is a physiological issue and can only be managed, long term. This can be addressed through low carb diet, and should not be confused with either food addiction or emotional overeating.

There are physical issues that cause hunger. These must be addressed before recovery can be realized. Ulcers are bacteria/virus/germs/nasty buggers/ that cause hunger and the antibiotic cure is not any better.   

Emotional overeating, eating over stresses, abuse, indecision or out of habit in our youth can lock in an epigenetic switch, and that make recovery impossible. The cause of the emotional issue must also be resolved, for it may be ongoing even into adulthood. We may be living in bad situation, and are unwilling to resolve it, unable to resolve it, or similar issue.

I do not want to listen to the sarcasm and negativity toward me or others anymore. That is the introduction to personality issues as a cause. Cultural/society/family behavior can make recovery difficult/impossible. Many of us need to be able to stay on a diet while living in a sea of good food.

Oh and lest we forget a chemical called glyphosate that destroys our ability to taste. As a result we need more sugar to taste good, and leads to a physical desire for sweet things, and there is traces of this in all grain products now.

It is all just hypothesis anyway. Nobody knows for sure much.  Oh well, itewajda. 


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  1. and when we float along at a few hundred hits a day, then have 25000 for a couple days, WTF?


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