Saturday, October 29, 2016


Are we all fanatics about something? Frankel claims that being a fanatic about something is one of the modern  neurosis or signs of neurosis.

Is a LCHF person a fanatic? Some would say yes.

How about a religious person?

Atheist and the like think so. The like include those like myself who know there is no god. Gods were a hypothesis to explain the unknown, and religions have grown into a series of fantastic stories, many being a hypothesis in there own right. So does that make me a fanatic? Possible, since that is not the collective neurosis.

So what about those who think the Canada Good food guide has some value?

Some value but the recommendations present the food science/food marketing climate of a few years ago, not the science of the day or now.

So with all we know about obesity and its primary cause, overeating, when is there going to be action on overeating? Does that make me a fanatic?

How about my view on overpopulation being the primary cause of carbon dioxide rise, global warming, ice melt, and the like? We need to aim for a population that keeps carbon dioxide below 300 ppm. Does that make me a fanatic?

And so many other views that are not the collective view of society. Society has collective neurosis, and I have private neurosis; no I am just fanatic, a lunatic, a radical. Maybe, but I am in search of truth, that which the hypothesis can be demonstrated if not proven. Oh well, itewajda.   

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