Tuesday, October 11, 2016



But Sharma never says clearly "identify and deal with the causes". The overeating will continue if the causes of overeating are not removed.

It is a continual fight to live clear of bullshit, aka false hypothesis presented as fact by a person who does not care, know, or capable of separation of fact and false hypothesis.

Lots of people have a specific purpose in there life. Trump is self promotion and a search for power and money, both as ego boosters. He is all about building his ego. Trump is a great one for making statement that he cannot know to be true.  "I am the greatest."

Sharma does not have that issue, but is only interested in treatment that will generate revenue for him. His specific purpose in life has become to make money off obesity. He is not looking for a cure, but a treatment that will generate revenue.

I am in search of a cure, to cure myself, and to release that cure into the wilds of the internet, to perhaps cure or help others.

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