Friday, May 1, 2015

You cannot treat something you do not understand

Wrong! wrong! wrong!   but who is listening?

Food addiction is not equal to binge eating disorder or to compulsive overeating or to maladaptive overeating behavior. All these are separate from disordered eating. Until I/we/you separate these and treat them separately, failure is assured.

Disordered eating is the result of culture, society, hectic life style; it is putting eating properly to low in your life priorities. It can be the result of lack of food knowledge, or stupid eating philosophies. It is often intentional disruption. It is often the start of other food related problems.

Food addiction is eating as a result of craving, and the cause of the craving is chemicals in the food. The test is remove the food, and the craving goes away. The solution; stop eating those foods, often wheat, sugar, and caloric dense carbohydrates, occasionally nuts and or diary products.

Maladaptive overeating behavior is the craving or hunger is the result of emotional stress, anxiety, boredom, indecision, loneliness, etc. These are the psychological causes group. This can be adrenaline rush re-feed, or adrenal exhaustion, and/or learned behavior. Typically, we need to learn other cooping methods, environmental changes to remove the condition, or learn to deal with the condition other than with food. CBT, REBT, PP, Philosophy, etc. as treatments.

Binge eating disorder is the medical description of overeating. It is often described independent of the cause, and may be anything that matches some form of loss of control of eating. This is why it is so difficult to treat.

Compulsive overeating is the term we use to apply to overeating caused by a craving, often unremitting, cause of craving is unknown. The hunger cycle also occurs, and this can result in confusion. We resist the craving, and become over-hungry, we overeat. The cravings may have some physical, chemical, or receptor cause, but for some are ever present. This we just must learn to live with. Gut mutilation helps some people.

There are numerous other causes and contributing factors. Environment, physical issues, cultural and social, habits, occupation, livelihood, philosophy, can also contribute. In addition, we can have some or all of these groups. The hunger cycle also occurs, and we must eat some.

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  1. Speaking only for myself, of course, I'd label myself primarily disordered eating coupled w/a considerable amount of maladaptive eating behavior...
    Although in my late teens/early 20's I experienced a thankfully brief binge eating phase.

  2. That is the problem with those pesty bad ways of dealing with shit from our youth, now we must learn the better way, the more mature way, or other way. I have chosen many of the stoic ways, because they are effective, and I found them.


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