Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Habit overeating

There are many causes of overeating.  What I am describing and calling habit overeating is just one of those many causes.

Habit overeating is a group of  behaviors that just go together, where eating is one of those behaviors. We have been trained by society to do these. For example: popcorn and movies, evening TV and snacking, or sports watching and snacking. Baseball and hot dogs, or so I have been told.

Why do I eat two eggs for breakfast, well it is habit; but it is now habit to not eat sugars, most grains, and most starches. I am not ready to totally give rolled oats and potatoes yet. Why do I eat three time a day?

Some habits are part of our automatic response to life and are good. Others have past there usefulness, and I must let go of. When two behaviors are coupled, perhaps both must go.

One of the down side of getting older is our interests change. Yet I still find that I must be interested in doing something to find the motivation to do it, more so that when I was younger. I could force myself to do things I had little interest in doing. Now it is more difficult. Anything that has meaning, value, engagement, aka interest, is not a problem. But with age and loss of interests, the motivation to do, the desire to do, has become weak. I do not have the needs, the objectives if you prefer. Many of my earlier objectives have come to pass or have been abandoned or frustrated. Oh well shit happens, life goes on, and acceptance of the world around us takes place. Interests come and go. There are many things I could do, but none (few) that I want to do. That is the real problem.

Displacement of a habit is one way of change habits.  That is the process of ending a meal, then rushing off to do X, a thing with meaning, interest, engagement, flow, and if fate permits, achievement, satisfaction, stoic joy.

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