Monday, May 4, 2015

More idiots again

Warning: political incorrect post. If you are easily offended,go away now.

A bait and shoot operation. You did not know how many Islams would attach, zero or a few. Is that what Christianity teaches? 

In Texas, is Muslim baiting a new sport? 

So you agitate against a religion and they strike back. Religions teaches emotional responses to every event. It is not the event that upsets, but rather your thinking about the event. There is not logic in religion. There is not logic in the action of either side here.

What do you expect? You stick a stick into a hornets nest and expect not to get stung?

You religious types are all living in a delusion anyway. Crazies exist. Get used to that. I personally choose my own delusions, as much reason and logic as is possible, making my own decisions based on my own logic, as true to first principals as is possible.  

Ban all religions. You religious folk are just living a delusion that you learned anyway. The high human characteristic is likely reasoning or logic anyway, so why not use a bit more of it?

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  1. If one can stay dispassionate on the subject, religion is an interesting phenomenon.... Some of the people i know online speak of how growing up in the non-religious soviet world was very "unlimiting" if i may coin a word, and they feel mentally free, and love it. Others living in that same world couldn't seem to wait to go back to their churches....

    Over here, it's easy to see how being surrounded by the American Protestant Paradigm completely destroys some people's ability to reason. They live with a level of mutual-concept-contradiction that would drive me completely insane.


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