Thursday, May 14, 2015

Training to fast

Life can be destroyed by too much as well as too little, to paraphrase Epictetus.

day 1 - 1/3 cup oats AM, a bit of hunger, evening burger, spinach salad.
day 2 lunch spinach salad, eggs, not much hunger, evening burger, spinach salad
day 3 late lunch spinach salad, evening burger, spinach salad plus 2 bananas

 day 4 light hunger after noon, 2.30 coconut oil in tea, Blood Glucose at 2.30 PM, fasted 19 hr, 5.0 (80) light hunger, in a could eat to light hunger stage
Supper was out of hand, 2 burgers, spinach, vegs, and then I go into the wife's fruits and cheese.
The hunger would not go away. Satiation never occurs; but it took a lot to where I could stop eating. Once a day is too long of gap.

It is spinach season here, and I have a big patch. Asparagus will be next to come into season. Just a taste today, possible, of asparagus.

I think that the first day, spinach(greens) at lunch with a bit of protein and a evening meal is as low as I can go for now.  Training may take longer at each level.

Note to self:

The Prime Directive applies. The Prime Directive prohibits me from interfering, commenting on, criticizing, condemning the internal actions and beliefs of alien populations, including there foods and eating behaviors. They may believe and do what ever they like, regardless the probability of it's truth or fact.

There have been some that have struggled with there weight, even in Epictetus time. Musonius Rufus, (Epictetus teacher), in several of his surviving lectures, talks about the overeating that was common, and that we needed to watch out for that in our lives. Overeating is a human characteristic in time of excess. We certainly are in one now, in areas where foods are produced. 

PS..... I think Fung should stop using the word cured and start with "in remission".
Clearwater near source

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