Saturday, May 30, 2015

Food Addiction and Lack of Satiety

Warning: Speculation

Is food addiction and lack of satiety different language for the same effect?

In the food addiction world the big three are sugars, grains (processed carbohydrates) and dairy products. The problems seems to be to be centered on the foods. The mechanism of the problem is speculation. Is it digestion into opioid peptides? Is it yeast or bacteria digestion producing or releasing the peptides? Is it all insulin sensitivity issues? Is it a pick any one, and you have equal chance of being right? Is it all psychological or all physical? Does anyone have a proved answer? Is the only answer abstinence of all these tasty foods, especially dairy?

The more "information" I look at, the less I know. By know, I mean as sure as a human can know anything. There is agreement that all these schemes are possible, and any can be the real problem, among others. Perhaps it is just I like food to much.

a chess move?

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  1. hi, Fred! on the LCCruise, one of the speakers reported finding caffeine a problematic substance for some people -- are you a tea/coffee enthusiast?


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