Saturday, May 16, 2015

intermittent fasting

To make intermittent fasting work, one would need willpower to overcome nature, hunger, and absence of cravings. Hunger, for the first two days may be a problem, especially where food is available and offered. Also, without support, it becomes a singular event, making it even more difficult. With "religious" fasting, is a social event, and that may make it easier.

There are those to who like Fung claim some our experiences are not real.
  • Fasting will overwhelm you with hunger
  • Fasting causes overeating when you resume feeding
Although there may be something to all these benefits of fasting, the doing of it for some of us is not easy, and may not be possible for the human animal.



  1. I'm intermittent fasting today and probably tomorrow. I can say there's some hunger for me on the first morning, but it comes in waves. Usually , I can keep myself busy with house work, photo editing, and I don't notice it.

    Once I eat the first meal, then very little hunger. Good luck!

  2. I am SO tired of doctors saying there's no reason any individual can't do this. What's that joke about doctor and god?


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