Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obesity Recovery

There are at least two separate parts to obesity recover, knowing what must be done, food wise, and second becoming willing to do it. Both are a struggle. Sorting out the real information from opinion in the food world take a bit of understanding. But the real challenge is the doing of it against all the social, environmental, marketing, and cohort pressure.

I need to be happy with my life and happy to follow a strict food plan, essentially paleo minus EVOO, butter, nuts, cheese, but I also need to include a bit of starch- potatoes, else I get too hungry. So I no not fit in any camp, but somewhere between PHD and Paleo, not Atkins, not Dukin, I tend to refer to this as 19th Century, for the lack of a better term.

But the willingness is the issue. Among my fraternity of exobese, I frequently see this as the problem. Gratitude lists, and a feeling of being pleased with the current situation both help. It is really about maintaining that attitude of being pleased that lifts the spirits.


  1. Yes Fred these two things do go hand in hand don't they:-
    "knowing what must be done, food wise, and second becoming willing to do it."

    All the best Jan

  2. yes, one is the right foot, the other the left foot, as we walk to recovery.


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