Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ketosis and confusion

They may understand perfectly
but I am still confused.

We have broadly two "sources"
of ketone, one our fat, and two,
our food supply. So the
liver makes ketones from fats,
muscles, and other cells take up ketones.

So the level of ketone in the blood
is not steady state, but a flux level.
Storage will occur above some level,
and diffusion of fat occurs
from the fat cells at some lower level.
Does that not imply there are three ranges,
one low when ketones are
coming out of the fat cells,
a normal range in the centre,
and high fat storage range.

Insulin must be relative low
for this to happen, always,
aka, blood glucose is low-normal,
and relatively stable.

The kidneys fail to do complete re-uptake,
so some ketones leak to the waste.
So if wasting is happening,
we must have ketones in the blood,
therefore we a burning ketones, not glucose.
But this is a big stretch is it not,
we are wasting ketones, therefore
the ketone concentration is high,
but we do not know the source.

For weight control, aka weight loss,
we need it to be coming from stored
fat, not fresh ingested fat.
So we need to eat enough fat to
feed the gut, with first pass effect.
We need, long term, to feed the body,
after we are at "ideal weight".
Does it matter what ketone level
we are at?
Does the ketone level not going low
mean that we are well fed
relative to our need?
AKA we have a food supply?
We lose the fastest we can
when we are the source of fat.

So all this is just to hid
from the idiot box,
with the ongoing food cues,
to apply David Kessler's cure.

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