Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Appetite today is dependent
on what I ate yesterday. WTF.

Appetite has a lag effect.
One, two, three days.

Wheat; gluten, and opioid peptides
increase appetite tomorrow. (W. Davis)
Fructose suppresses satiation tomorrow. (Lustic)
Stress and anxiety cause a
refeed appetite surge
after the stress is released. (Capital Health)

Food Addiction, Behavioral Addiction,
eat today, desire more later, and tomorrow.

But what about cravings
that never go away?

Cortisol, and chronic low grade stress:
Now how do I deal with that?

Life is none of my concern.
What is there to stress over?

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  1. Stress does nobody any good, but in today's somewhat 'mad' world it certainly isn't easy to stay clear of.

    Perhaps getting away from it all on our own desert island might help? But probably not as we would then get stressed from being on our own maybe?

    Do a lot of us 'comfort eat' when we feel stress? This for some only makes them want to eat more of foods which do not do our health and weight much good.

    That vicious circle again....

    All the best Jan


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