Thursday, October 24, 2013

How wrong can we be?

Overeating is not a moral or psychological issue much of the time. It is often chemical. We are primed today to want tomorrow, later today and next week. In order to get separation, we need a ordered, controlled eating program which does not leave us hungry, nor primed for a feast, in the future.  

Obesity is not about us, but about the food supply, the chemistry hyperpalatable foods, our rushed culture, convenience foods, junk food, and the modern philosophy of shortage of time to cram everything in so that we can sit and watch television. The first step in recover is turning off television, and developing a full and satisfying balanced life live.

What do I mean by balanced? Let us say that we can divide life into categories of time by activity. Wake up, shower, breakfast, commute work, commute, supper, clean up, {{kids, home work bath, bed} read, study, hobbie, visit, classes}bed. Repeat 5 times, plus 2 special days.
Are there things in you life that you are short on, and things you spend too much time on? Does you time match your personality, not just duties, your expectations, others expectations.

Perhaps we need to let go of out expectations, and live in the present, without fear or worry of the future, without regret of the past. Breath, smile, and enjoy the wonders of life. Dao.

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  1. 'Breath, smile, and enjoy the wonders of life'

    I like the sound of that. We do also need to find a balance of work, rest and play - not always easy in these so called 'modern times'

    Maybe if we are fortunate to get that balance then the correct eating patterns and choice of foods becomes easier.

    Just my thoughts others may not agree........?

    All the best Jan


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