Saturday, October 19, 2013


David A Kessler, in his book,
the End of Overeating has
explained why a subset of the population
has a problem.
The essence of the problem is:
High Palatable food is screwing up
satiation in susceptible people.

I am one.

After much muttering about,
clearly defining ever "big" word,
we are a phenotype
(a subset of the population) which:
lack food eating resistance,
lack satiation,
lose control of eating,
and are preoccupied with food.


We represent 50% of the obese,
30% of the overweight,
17% of normal weight people.


The solution is to exclude all
"highly palatable" food from our diet.


So WTF are "highly palatable" foods?

Turns out:
All manufactured products,
aka --layered fats, sugars, and salt,
on a bit of protein or carbohydrates,
all food that combine fats with
starches or carbohydrates,
all foods contain more than trace sugars.

Sounds like Zoe Harcombe diet... sort of.

Few natural food contain both sugar and fats.

But the acid test is to come,
does it work for me?
This is not a big change for me:
no salad dressing,
no butter on vegetables
no ketchup, not even the dab that I use.

But this is not how he expresses it all.
In his detailed, pleasant and positive manner,
the message is almost lost.


  1. Read Kessler's book; he revolutionized my life. But butter isn't the evil...if put on good vegetables.

  2. Ah, but butter makes some hyperpalatable to some of us. There the rub, we are not all the same. We are likely one end of a normal distribution.

  3. I'm one of them too, It all comes down to your own personal food template- IMO.

    I miss butter a lot- but it messes with my sinuses, headaches, and is inflammatory. Sad, but true.

    Avocado oil, coconut oil for cooking and then olive oil for salads are all good replacements.

    Good luck, Fred.It's a worth while process.

  4. Development of this "personal food template" has been a process. Fine tuning is difficult because of the conflicting advice and no clear methodology or theory to base any decisions on. IMO, now, oils in general may foods hyper-palatable, and therein lies the problem.


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