Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obamacare vs Canadian Health care

As a Canadian, I have no interest in US situation, but I think you guys have not understood the millstone that Obama has hung around your necks. There is an issue that results from government funding health care, and that is a ballooning health care budget and system, as the population gets sicker. The attitude of the people has changed here, as a direct result of medicare.

It is illogical and just stupid to expect the health care system, which depends on us getting sick to grow, to tell us how to stay well or get well. They even fudge their own studies. They grow their industry. Oh well, it is government, and Medicare is now a government protected industry.

Canadian system is paid out of general revenues, while the US system has an additional tax that only the people with money can pay. King Ralph (Alberta), before he left office, said it, "The cost will kill us, if we do not fix it now, but there is no political will to fix it." Oh well, Ralph is dead now.

It is nice to say that everyone has equal access and will get the best of care. But what about the queue jumping that happens? "It does not happen", but sit in a waiting room and watch. It is not queue jumping, but bumping to the critical list that occurs, AKA, treat immediately.

When someone else is paying for the cost of stupid activities, lack of caution, and a fake belief that the doctors can and should be able to fix anything, we have stopped taking care of ourselves, and doing what is necessary to prevent the need of medical attention.

Some people knew sixty years ago that physically demanding jobs, dangerous jobs, grain rich diets, sugar, too much fruit, sports injuries, risky behaviors, and the like were too dangerous for their involvement. Further, they knew that for health, they had to take care of themselves, as their ancestors had done. They told us, but we were not listening. Oh well, "we have medicare, and workers compensation" was our attitude. Now we pay and pay and pay.

But with everyone piling onto the system, how long can we afford it?

The medical system is extremely well paid, above the first line. Management is "management" heavy, few helpers, and a lot of qualified medical personnel, with hefty pay checks. No private companies operate like that. Oh, well, it is government.

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