Wednesday, January 9, 2013

oh really ?

I think this should start high carbohydrate (not high fat), gets insulin flowing, and it is then about right. According to Lustig, 40% have sugar issue, 20% acellular carbohydrate processed food and the remainder are often hyperinsulinemic.

Also insulin resistance does not happen at once, but rather liver first, and glucose overflows to the body, and then muscle insulin resistance occurs. When fat cell insulin resistance occurs you have got a problem.


  1. I like the way Dr. Ezrin describes the process. He said that the problem can start with a gain of around 10 or 15 lb, for a number of reasons. After that, it becomes a vicious cycle. He also refers repeatedly in his book to the condition of hyperinsulinemia, not of high blood sugar, insulin resistance, or even obesity. Interesting perspective from an endo, and his book is years and years old.

  2. At the root of our story about weight and health is that it still all starts with gluttony, either in the form of lots of food, or too much bad food (soy, pufa, on and on..). So, apparently, since women are notoriously less successful on all types of weight loss plans than men, this means that they are more karmically guilty of violating the basic agreed-upon rules for healthy eating, right?

  3. and then there those of us how have been fat since birth, likely born with hyperinsulinemia, who have had to work against our nature all our lives.

  4. .. But that is OK, because we always blame everything on mom. Before, she didn't stay at home, she fed us junk, she didn't make us get off the couch, and now its her faulty mitochondria.

  5. I watched part the HBO series "Weight of the Nation" last night.
    I was sickened by the dietary advice that was presented. Talking to a woman whois husband had his leg amputated because of diabetes, she recalled with tearful regret,
    "We ate Steak, and Roast Beef"
    Apparently, none of her doctors nor the shows producer had known that Steak and Roast Beef does not contribute to diabetes. Another obese black woman told of how her doctors had her give up the white rice and bread, by replacing them with brown rice and wheat bread. Seems that it is all about portion control, I was told. I turned the show off and was speachless.


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