Thursday, January 17, 2013

Change of philosophy

Stoicism upheld the pantheistic view that the pure being of God is present in all material things. -or- However, because God is pure reason, everything happens rationally, according to a universal order.

If god is reason, then it is conceptual, and cannot be present anywhere... so god a concept of the sum of all concepts that describe all not yet understood phenomenal. Logos, the laws of nature, are everywhere, even in ELMM, which, to be biologically correct must be ELCMM. Eat less carbs, move more. Once we get the carbs down, and fat up with reasonable protein [(height(m)) squared x 20 = grams of protein], now our weight becomes dependent on the amount of fat we eat. 

Ah well, life is just short and then we die. It does not mater anyway, who will remember anyway. 

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  1. The Stoics must have reasoned through (or stumbled upon) good ways of thinking and living and then reasoned backward to ascribe their philsophy to Zeus. How could it be otherwise? Even they didn't claim divine revelation.


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