Saturday, January 19, 2013

cephalic hyperinsulinemia

Is there such a thing as cephalic hyperinsulinemia?

Hyperinsulinemia is too much insulin, usually related to insulin resistance, but is there any need to associate it with insulin resistance or is just a diet high in carbohydrates enough?

Insulin is released in three phases, cephalic, postprandial, and basial. So what would be the symptoms of cephalic hyperinsulinema? Hunger at the site of food... the physiological part of tempation? Quick to hunger, always ready to eat, overweight likely. Sounds like me.

When I asked my GP, he said, perhaps, but we have no treatment, therefore it is not a recognised condition. WHF. I have not been back, but then I am now low carb.

High insulin shut off the release of fat, and soaks up any free glucose, so that craving type of hunger occurs. It is the worst type of hunger, the hardest to resist. Coconut oil helps. Instant ketones, we cannot store MCT. Instant energy.

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