Monday, January 14, 2013

More Fat Chance

Epicurus "It is not the events that disturb people, it is their judgement concerning them."

On page 9, Robert lists a bunch of factors in obesity. His list is conspicuous missing personal philosophy as a major factor. Once we decided that some items are not food, the problem becomes much smaller.

It is not the situation that causes the problem, but our judgement about the problem, that is the issue. Our personal philosophy can change,  and we can obtain some relief from problem. If we eat to sate emotions, understanding that we a control only our will and all else is someone else's problem will provide relief. Once again... personal philosophy... that have changed so much since I was young. We were grateful for a warm bed some nights, and now, to be satisfied, what do the young want? Desires, greed, is the issue. We need to let go of excess and move back to minimalism in some decant form.

Satisfaction is success divided by expectations. If we philosophy lower our desires and expectations  we will experience satisfactions and contentment. Contentment is a virtue. Thank you.

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  1. Sugar is not food. Wheat is not food. Processed carbage is not food.


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