Friday, January 20, 2012

Alberta's Effort

More Sharma stimulation from

How successful have you been in the past? How are you going to measure success?  What is different to suggest that your success will improve?

There are a wide range in recommendations as to "How to recover". There are a group of obesity doctors who's obesity recovery success is notably better than others. I choose to follow them, while studying how to loose further but maintain something like a EOSS Class I stage 1, having come from Class III stage 2-3. ref

Until your program bans consumption by the obese of sugar in all forms, grains in all forms, especially wheat, excess Omega 6 oils, and all manufactured foods, your success will be limited. The first primary reason to ban these is these are all appetite stimuli, and secondly largely empty calories. There are a long list of other reasons not to touch food containing these dangerous substances.

Alberta produces much of these products. I doubt that there is the political will to push against the these products, so good luck with success. That is not to say that it is not a worthy struggle, but I fear limited success without a careful definition of success.

The second reason that your success will be limited is that overeating is largely a psychological issue, or a imprinted reactions issue, after knowledge of food content and body requirements is obtained. It is a problem of difficulty of following the diet, dealing with the constant cravings, the desire to eat, by some method. Alberta has never been willing to pay for psychological counseling, even if that could help. Obesity is largely a individual social dysfunction, that can only be corrected by a major change in personal attitude sufficient to bring about a "willingness follow the diet" attitude. All I can do is wish you good luck with this social engineering project.

Those of us who suffer from a insulin responses to glucose that seem to be exaggerated, or would be diabetic on a carbohydrate rich diet, the choice must remain low carbohydrate, high fat.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Acceptance of our current size

Accepting our current size is only the first step. Accepting and doing nothing about a life shorting condition is just not a good attitude. Accepting and trying to improve on that condition is acceptable.

Back in the the 1930's, Carnegie made that statement in his book " How to Win Friends and Influence People".  That book should be required reading. Most of the concepts can be found in bits and pieces in similar self help books, but it was the first good collection of the principles, something akin to the "Eat Fat and Grow Slim". A history of low carb can be found at

Computer Filter of Web Sites

This AM, Dr Sharma post has some interesting but limiting ideas.

My response:

There is a category conspicuously absent, that is the blogs those who are in the process of recovery, or maintenance of recovery from obesity. On these sites there is a tremendous amount of information, some of it correct, with regard to recovery, what does not work, and what does. The only way to know is to test it on ourselves.

These type of sites have provided me more recovery that all the "official" websites. The information is free, and not filtered. It is obviously biased, but where that biases works, that is what we need. Many of these people are down 100+ pounds, and some for many years.

It is obvious to me that obesity is a complex subject, and recovery and maintenance even more complex. It has degrees of severity, and what is suitable for people with minor problems will not touch the issues of severe cases. Some of us have parts figured out, but know we lack in other areas.

Most of recovery is a result in the change of attitude and growth of our knowledge over a wide variety of subjects. Our outlook on life, on food, on our society, on the government, on food "experts", on nutritionists, and the medical establishment has changes. We have become more discerning, persistent, and much less willing to accept bullshit.  

From the great Jimmy Moore, here is a sampling of such blogs:

Thursday, January 12, 2012



“Diet is arguably the single most important behavioural risk factor that can be improved to have a significant impact of health”

Behavior: blame the fat person but that is government, and when they followed the guidelines, weight increased. How about that?

Note that the Australians are gaining weight, and eating more carbohydrate like there guide says, and there government says the compliance is not good. WTF. It is the people fault, they are not doing it right. Screw government, eat no carbs when we want to lose weight for a bit.

That's too many carbs and too many calories = INSULIN HI THERE.... = fat tissue growth = I AM STILL HUNGRY AFTER 2500 CALORIES

And then there's leptin, leptin resistance, mainly due to triglycerides.

And one more that talks about the problem, but has no practical solution;

So there you have it, we are fat because us weak willed people eat to much carbohydrate and eat when we are hungry, and don't do enough exercise. I am going to the rec center.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diet summaries

This fellow has some diet summaries. Here are a couple of interest:
From one, 12 emotions that can cause cause issues:
Anger  Frustration Sadness Fear 
Understanding: you must work through the first 4 emotions to get to this more positive point when you begin to understand what your bad food habits are and accept them 
Trepidation Envy Boredom Relief: the beginning of the positive emotions that should be enjoyed
 Joy: comes after you have achieved real results; try not to sabotage it with negative thinking
 Contentment: the final emotion experienced once people realize their weight loss goals

What are my rules:

Do not drink calories
Eat only when hungry or on schedule, usually 301
Meat, fish, green vegetables, animal fats, butter, coconut oil, a few roots and seeds occasionally, ever second day or so, more if normal weight.
Odd bit of fruit - once or twice per week
As much exercise as we can stand
No manufactured oils, manufactured eatable products.

 good luck at following this.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Obesity is a major problem, and there is little offered as a doable solution. When we find something that works, we need to stick to it, understand it, and record it.

Leptin reset seems to work, but to do that, we must be low carb to lower insulin, and give leptin a chance.

This week, there has been a flap over "the fat trap"

But no solutions.

The solution is found in Jack Krause, once we cut through the verbosity. We need to eat low carb, and give leptin a chance. Doing that is another matter, which is not so easy.

Dr Su spells out the diet, but does not delve into the cause in great detail, but his references do

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Perfect Storm

The obesity epidemic is the prefect storm of at least the following factors:

  • Low cost sugar, HFCS, and all the sugars, of which many of us have a biological desire for
  • Low cost and plentiful long chain carbohydrates that split to glucose rapidly, taste wonderful, and many of us have a biological desire for
  • Insulin driven cravings, resulting from consumption of to much glucose, contribute to the consumption of additional glucose
  • Omega 6 oils, high in calories, low in nutrients, which many of us have a biological desire for
  • Low physical need of output, sedentary lifestyle, brought about by computer, computerization, energy sources, particularly electrically controlled equipment, mechanization, and few physical jobs.
  • Culture of food sales, pushing food, revitalization of the food industry with sugar, carbohydrates, omega 6 oils, and manufactured products.
  • Culture that is not adapting in this generation to the changes in our food supply
  • Transportation, refrigeration, that makes 24/7/365 supply of fresh fruits.
  • Continuous supply of all foods
  • General societal ignorance of the causes of obesity and/or lack of will to act, going against our very biology, desire for carbohydrates. Sure, we need a little bit, and some can use a lot of carbohydrates.
  • We no longer have a culture, but an new blend of technology, and other pursuits. It has no traditions beyond pushing of food and overeating.
I need to step back from what has become a sick society or sick culture, and recognize that I need to live as my ancestors lived, to survive longer. It is the culture that has changed, along with the foods and food supply. It is them, not me, that are sick, but I am the one that must learn to deal with the shit that they dump on society.

Pollution from the plastic, weed spray, low nutrient chemical fertilized foods, nutritional displacement, and the like will be the next generations problems. Food poisons, dose dependent; sugars, fructose, glucose, oils, manufactured products, caffeine, are destroying the people. Government with immigration policies, language policies, are destroying the population unity and what we had as a society. Fear of people is being promoted as a solution to population diversity, density and easy transportation.   We know that these contribute to obesity.

I have no direct decedents, only nieces and nephews, and their children(&grands), cousins once and twice removed. They, the young, seem to be adapting better than my generation, and the 40+ group. But what do I know?

In summary, most of you, society, culture are all sick, just f*&* sick, but that is your problem. I know the solution, and that solution is to go back to my roots, physical labor, and lower polluted foods. Do not look to government for help, for it would make government go against their money source. We are on our own. Those of us in the Paleo/LCHF/locovore net community.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Stating the obvious

Eating, sensations, are instant gratification. Weight loss is long term gratifications. These are mutually exclusive. We may need to pick one or the other, unless we develop the ability to not get turned on with just a taste.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


On my other blog, I have speculated on a combination of Buddhism, and OA. Then I encountered a site that combines Buddhism with real food diet, without ever using the term Buddhism. How interesting. The connection/source is obvious.

The concepts of this old philosophy are different than any other religion, and it offers solutions to issues that are older than Christianity. It is much more logical and larger in volume that any other. It has 25 to 30 times as much instruction as Christianity, and although there is repetition, and much clarification, portions are much more dense in content than Christian writings. There are difference in style, that is it cuts to the heart of the mater rather than skirting about using long stores to make a simple point. Some of that has to do with the cultural differences or societal differences.

In all, I find the style much better to relate to than Christianity with its dominating,  unexplained, you cannot understand it approach, just believe the bullshit approach. It is not a weakness of the human mind in understanding, but rather a weakness in the lack of plausible description, that give me problems with christianity and islam.

Just because we can conceive a question, does not mean it must have an answer, or that we need to know the answer. It is OK to not know the answer, and not even care that we do no know or cannot answer a question. It is alright to not even try to answer it, and not even care.