Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Obesity has at least three areas that need to be simultaneously addressed, or in series, to beat obesity:

  1. Physical food issues, physical body issues
  2. Emotional / psychological causes of eating
  3. Philosophy of eating/not eating, of life, and what is food
Now that we know no SGO6EEH, how do we deal with the emotional and philosophic issues and what are those issues?

First eating for any reason beside hunger is an issue. Dealing with social food pushers, is difficult. Some of these people border on the insane with what they perceive a socially acceptable eating behaviour.  Their eating is disordered, and in one case a eating disorder is likely, but it is not causing them a problem, yet. Should she suffer an injury, look out.

This season is hell for use overeaters: Temptation everywhere.  I think I will just stay home. No problem. Society is sick.

Just how sick is our society. They do not know what they are eating, and have no connection with there food. We have 60% obesity. Does that not say sick society. So what is healthy way of thinking? What is a health philosophy? There are so many alternatives. See a Psychologist? The two that I know cannot manage there own lives, so where does that leave me? I went to see one about my eating problem, a government ( Capital Health) referral, and she was bigger than I was, and that was 60kg ago.

Perhaps I should just fall off the rails and adopt Tolle philosophy, totally, without question, or look at it compared to my current beliefs.

Feel free to comment of suggest an approach.       

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