Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reward Theory

Reward theory is a concept that may be generally right yet wrong in several ways. It is not about dopamine but exorphins and exocannopioids. Sure it uses the same receptors, but these are not in normal concentrations. Some of it is just endorphins and endcannopioids being displaced, or production over stimulated, resulting in surging concentrations.  

It only effects a small subset of the population who are particularly sensitive to these peptides.  We a a self selecting subset of the population who are opioid sensitive, and are unaware of the real issue, and unable to break the cycle. Complete separation is required.    If can not accept this, it is your problem, not mine. If your endocrine system is saying eat, you are going to eat. No real choice there.

The solution is leave out wheat and dairy, and the hunger is much less. Cut sugar, grains and starches for weight loss. Balance the omega 3/6 by cutting O6. Eat meat without hormones. No SGO6EEH.

For those of us that have it, the proof is in N=1 testing.

The other proof is food addictive, usually sold as flavour enhancers, are increase sales by about 30%. Exorphins are being sold as flavour enhancers. These are also added to soft drinks for a double whamie.  

The brain is in a protected environment fed by our blood supply. The question becomes: Does insulin cross the BBB blood brain barrier in more than trace amounts, and does the BBB become insulin resistant? And if it becomes insulin resistant, how about leptin resistant? Insulin and leptin are big molecules, that do not enter cells, so what makes you think the brain sees them in the same concentration as they are in the blood? Look at the difference in concentration of insulin in the portal vein and in circulation. The liver stand between them. 

So you give the brain a shot of insulin, and it stops hunger, and what else? I will bet that a shot of insulin in the brain would stop lots of things, and it could also be near lethal. 

End of lecture. What is normal? Look at the magnesium levels during fasts. 

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