Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The answer to obesity lies in personal philosophy

I have come to the conclusion that the answer to obesity lies in a personal philosophy that put food, society and life in the proper perspective. It also need to put many other things into proper prospective, and provide defence against the "forces of evil." 

I have gone through live without examining many things in detail, the detail that they deserve. It has become apparent to me that this country, and the US to the south, were founded on the principle of greed, packaged as "anybody can have anything if the work hard enough" or steal enough, or either, we are not particular.  The people with true ethics will often fail, and fall onto the scrap pile of humanity. We need resilience to pick ourselves off that scrap pile, and stand without grovelling, begging, or compromising our ethics. 

Reading the Stoics, it has become apparent to me how sick this society really is and what some of the issues really are. The first is that I am basically uneducated in the ethic, morals, and similar areas.  I say that, having gone through high school, 2 years of technical training, a B.Sc. in engineering, and enough post grad courses for two masters degrees, and 40 years of studying at nights. (those damn thesis were just too much crap).  That is not to say that we are all sick, but our society is like a barrel of bruised apples, or potatoes, destined to rot quickly. It is time to study ethics for a while.   

Yoni got me going today: http://www.weightymatters.ca/2012/12/parental-no-files-but-its-just-one.html
Professional Beggars are good at separating you and your money. These well paid groups study how to get you to reach in your pocket and give. The defence is to recognise this, and explain this to children early. You must realize that little of the fund raising money actually reaches the intended target. It is another form of buddhist theft, taking money and using it for purpose that it was not intended for. The solution is all in your personal philosophy.

Gouging is also theft  even when is just the rounding error in cents, that always goes to the banks. The financial industry are the worst offenders, but what do we do? Use barter? Trading goods or just cash? 


  1. Using a rope would be my preference. However, your suggestions are a good start. I bet the establishment would attempt to skewer these practices with more laws and regulations if enough people started bypassing the bankster support system.

  2. There is a fellow living out there without using money https://sites.google.com/site/livingwithoutmoney/

    But that is not the way I want to live.


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