Sunday, December 2, 2012

Insulin Summary

Steve does a nice summary of what insulin does

But that’s not all insulin does. It also 1) impairs breakdown of glycogen into glucose, 2) stimulates glycogen formation, 3) inhibits formation of new glucose molecules by the body, 4) promotes storage of triglycerides in fat cells (i.e., lipogenesis, fat accumulation), 5) promotes formation of fatty acids (triglyceride building blocks) by the liver, 6) inhibits breakdown of stored triglycerides, and 7) supports body protein production.

Steve does not speak of insulin stopping gluconeogenesis, unless point 3 referrers to that. But then the other source or my memory could be out to lunch.  


  1. Regarding point No. 3, you got it exactly right. I didn't want my readers to have to look up gluconeogenesis.


  2. Thanks Steve. I am amazed that you saw that, and responded.


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