Friday, December 14, 2012

Government.. bah

Responce to Sharma's Post 

I wish you all good luck with getting the food industry and the government to effectively address the obesity problem. Calories are just the counters of obesity, not the drivers.

We, the people, are the only ones that can change the obesity drivers. Appetite for processed foods, sugar, grains, and the like that taste great, according to our minds, is what drives consumption, in reaction to our endocrine system. It is our minds that need adjustment, and the government will not go there. Once we realize how dangerous sugar, wheat, grains in general, omega 6 oils, exorphins, and all those other chemicals are, we, the people will not eat them. A chain reaction can be broken at any link. Problem reduced or solved. Processed food is what is driving obesity.

Now I know that Sharma is opposed to elimination of specific food groups as a solution to obesity, but it works. Look around and I have found many normal sized, and exobese people living well on the Paleo / Primal / whole foods / real food life style.  It is realizing how damaging those exorphins really are that is being added to processing as flavour enhancers and preservatives that provides the solution, as these create the majority of the problems.  

Fructose is mainly stored as fat, beyond a few hundred calories. We need to deplete free glucose and get through hunger before we can start burning fat. Sugar is half fructose, HFCS is even higher. 

Matforman is a drug that slows the production of glucose from glycogen, which reduces the morning glucose level. It also keeps the glycogen storage full, which speeds the production of fat. The other side of the coin, it therefore encourages the burning of fat for energy, reducing the time need to switch to fat burning, and reduces hunger. It has the same effect as stopping eating carbohydrates. How about that?

Our personal aim should be to make government food policies redundant by ignoring them and living well at a reasonable weight with real food. That has been achieved by many exobese by changing our attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about digestion, eating, food, and life in general.

It is not necessary for you to believe as I do, but it is one proven method. 

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  1. i couldn't agree with you more! we cannot expect our governments to "solve the obesity problem" for us -- but if they would stop spewing the horrendous disinformation they'd go a long way in accomplishing it!

    a little self-tough-love is required, to improve one's metabolic health, and so many people waste their efforts on calorie-counting and working out like maniacs -- sad! that much self-discipline, in avoiding neolithic foods, would go SO much further.


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