Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reframing - bullshit

I do believe that obesity does need to be reframed, but not anything to do with calories. I believe it need to be reframed as wrong beliefs in respect to what food is, and is not. It is an food-endocrine problem, not total food energy as measured by calories. Calories and metabolic use are different issues. Many of us are carbohydrate intolerant. We make fats from carbohydrate, not usable energy. There are also other wrong beliefs, like eating when hungry; it is better to eat to little and deal with hunger than eat to much. Obesity is worse than hunger; therefore choose hunger. Obesity is worse than cravings, therefore endure cravings; this to shale pass.

Food does not contain sugar, wheat, omega 6 oils, exorphins, exocannopioids,  endocannopioids, or hormones. Grains, nuts, and starches should be very limited. For older overweight people, carbohydrates and protein should be limited to your height in meters, squared times about 20 grams. Use fats to adjust your weight, after those cuts.

There are things that are worse than death. Slow death, in suffering, for one. Obesity is just slow painful death for the old with medical problems. If you come from a death denying religion, you could have a problem with this.

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  1. Wow! I agree with one thing he said, and only one thing, and that is that any re-frame will not be a panacea.
    I can see them all sitting about and fretting on how to manage the conversation on what to do with people like ME. Oh, the power I have!


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