Sunday, December 16, 2012


What are my expectations of the food industry? To have available at the store, fresh produce and meats. That's all, not to much. But what do they provide? Well, that is a long list of processed foods that are slow acting poisons, dose dependent, that somebody must be consuming. But the customer votes with there feet and wallets.

Now I know that the farming industry is one of the lowest paying industry, and one must be large to survive to the standard which we would like to be at. That is the problem, expectations. Happiness is meeting our expectations. If we have no expectations, or our expectations are small, we should be happy. I am more or less happy with the food industry, as a consumer. We have a good little butcher shop, that sells good meats for every day, but there cuts are a bit large for a retired couple. Oh well, life goes on. Most of the beef is grass fed, with grain added for finishing. That's mainly barley here, no corn, although, some are trying corn for fall pasture, along with some grain swath feeding in early winter, often oats.

The market gardens are dying out here. The best land is being swallowed by cities, and due to climate and labour costs, we can import winter produce cheaper than producing it here. Oh, well, that life. Just too short, no mater how long it is. We have it good though, there has always been enough food in the stores, big storms are typically small in area, and our population is about what the land can support.

There is no doubt that I have lived through the peak of development, and from here society will be declining in some areas. Decay is occurring. The natives are moving in, along with the welfare, government support, and a culture of low effort and motivation of many. Government support of the conquered race should stop, and they need to make a decision; become part of society, or forever be on the margin. Yes, I am a bigot. I can accept there philosophy, but we should only support the ones that were alive at the treaty time. The remainder should either get into society, or be supported at the level of there ancestors, just enough to keep them alive in there youth and you years. It was said, by my grandfather,  "I never saw a grey Indian, when I came to this country in 06." (to Canada in 1906 from Iowa)

I have nothing of value to say. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to express any opinion you like. I use my third finger for deleting.

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