Friday, November 30, 2012


We can break overeating into chemical / endocrine issues, and behavioural issues, some of which are true compulsions, while others are habit or emotion / (psychological learned behaviours)  reaction in some form. An individual may have one or all of these problems.

For some of us, we find that most 'one size fits all solution' do not work, likely due to not addressing the real problem.

If we are chemically addicted to exorphins, it is essential to remove all the exorphins from our diet (wheat, dairy, nuts, oil seeds), and perhaps reduce the base input components to us building endorphins, like fructose. Like wise if we are addicted to exocannopioids. We need to eliminate the exo, (weed and the like). Keep sugars and things that turn into sugars low, and omega 6 oils low, to reduce the endcannopioids as well.

If we have insulin / leptin issues, we need to keep sugars low, and protein to the inappropriate level, and make up the energy shortfall through fats. There is no other logical choice but perhaps Sharma can find a drug.

Now lets turn to behaviours, as know the above, it is logical to comply for our health, regardless of what other uniformed/non accepting of the research people say, but it is your choice.

There are those like Kessler that think we have a choice. If you are in our addiction, we do not have much of a chance to chose.  There are those to, who will not acknowledged addiction. Often as they consume there caffeine, nicotine, opioid, stimulus, depressant, dopamine fix, self generated serotonin. They are unwilling to accept the obvious. Oh well. We always have dis-tractors of the problem, that pull us into one of the dead end tracts that make work for some of the less severe cases.

The behaviours are more perplexing to deal with. Substitution of one unhealthy compulsion for a less damaging one is one method of solution. (Schultz) That my be why I write now. It sort of works, except when I get frustrated at an idiot who will not do it my way, damn it. Then writing down the situation, and figuring out exactly what I feel, an inventory of sorts, helps and is also a psychological strategy.

There are those too, who have weight issues, that simply do not know what to eat and get sucked into the carbohydrate / insulin overshot / hunger cycle, which I see as a separate problem. It can become mixed in. Understand the problems, and the solution becomes easier to see. (Taubes)

There are those who deal with food reward problems (Guyenet), and those also get mixed in and become intertwined with any of the forgoing issues, making separation difficult and time consuming. It is only possible by much self study. Eating only for energy, no social eating, and celebration eating, all low reward bland food may also help. Keep the food pushers at bay. Avoid those temptress foods. They are evil.

Each think the understand the problem, but they all are like the four blind men feeling the elephant. All describing only parts.

There are those of us that use food to get us through jobs ( fill in the word) that we hate, but do only for the money, duty, security, or lack of choices. There are those of us who eat because we are low energy, and are trying to squeeze more that is possible out of our days. 

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