Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Populations

We humans are living in a time of excess food, and our bodies are preparing for the expected famine. We have considerable excess digestive capacity. This generations need is far less that even the previous generations. In addition, our food supply has become contaminated with appetite stimulus - exorphins and exocannabinoids. We have a cultural lipophobia and miss-information.  

What happens if we mix two populations with one characteristic different, and then look at that population as one population, and study the characteristic?

Lets say, for this exercise, we have two organisms, one that has preference to burn carbohydrates, and a second that preference is to burn fats. What will we expect the data look like, in terms some measure of health, measured in terms of probability?

Now what if we put the human situation in this environment
a) population energy need, normal distribution
b) carb centric food recommendations, large left skew
c) fat centric need of some (most, all, ) humans, large right skew

Solution: get over this culture of lipophobia, eat good fats, attitude adjustment, sound food information ---> seperation of facts and marketing carbage, all at the individual level.

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