Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Diet Information

One more place to find bad diet advice, Overeaters Anonymous, or more correctly, no advice of use. There are not into providing information, only a method of arresting the problem, maybe. It is a philosophy, a religion, if you believe it and practice it, can provide some relief while you practice it. OA does provide a social setting, a network of support, but do not speak out of their box at a meeting, or face lynching.

It does aim a biased light onto the problem, and it does offer an no questions policy that can be useful, but not for gathering nor spreading real information. OA does offer a framework for cleaning up our life, but nothing much with respect to real information about the food or obesity problem. Some people say it stops development of the emotions, but that is not what I have found, but then, I do not believe in a god, but in chemistry of food and psychology/philosophy for the mind. It is to this "change in thinking" that the works or crudely points, but in the 1930 religious meme thinking.

OA, itself, is a meme system, and if you believe, it can help, but not cure. We need a cure, and until then, I will use the OA system.

But what is the connection between adrenalin producing situations and overeating?

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