Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Potters five

importance of K2 A D

Harry Potter's Five Steps

(1) Prepare for the challenge.
(2) Surround yourself with support.
(3) Engage in positive self-talk.
(4) Focus on what's at stake.
(5) Take appropriate action.

But before this, we need to identify the problem, and believe there is a workable solution. But thanks for the outline of this part. More positive thinking stuff that cannot work without unlisted parts.

When I was grossly obese, I knew I had a problem, but I did not know what it was. I was driven to food, and could not follow any reduction diet. The available information did not address in a useful way my problem, and actually was causing my problem. I was insulin resistant, and always hungry. I need to be on a high fat diet to get out from behind the hunger eight ball. I also must not eat any exorphins that drive appetite, and hunger. If you are preparing for a weight loss battle with a sugar rich diet, and you are an obese person you are going to lose. You will also "lose more weight from chemistry than physics" (thanks, Tess).

By the way, Monsanto has released some more evils onto the world, and some are exorphins and poison for humans. They are becoming the human nemesis.

Problem identification is really where the difficulty is, along with the attitude adjustment necessary to maintain. We need to identify all the stress ors in our lives, and learn to deal with all of them. We will also find our support requirements change, and many of the supporters become detractors as we change to what we need to be, and need to believe to survive.


  1. :-) you're welcome, Fred! i should have put a link to your blog in my post -- after all, it was you who introduced to me the concept of the cellular carbs!

  2. Yes, it is important to share information around. We are all at different stages in our learning and doing, so we do not know where our information gaps are. Thanks


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