Monday, November 12, 2012

A great power

Soy / Corn GMO foods supply
Remove GMO,
sugar beat, soy, corn, cotton seed oil, rape, canola, aspartame, dairy foods IGH,  etc

Note: this is a lecture style, so those who want first person can do what ever.

The world outside of myself is a great power, much greater than myself. Organic Chemistry is a Power greater than myself, which I am not going to look at much. This post is not for people with arithmophobia.

It is my opinion that there are a set of human metabolic rules that generally meet reality. It is up to us humans to discover these rules and codify or record these.

As I adapt to new technology, some scribing will occur. But anyway, the above sketch shows two possible weight loss plans or philosophys. Sharp curves in the graph indicate changes in diet, smooth curves indicate body reaction. "A" curve is what should theoretically result from a two stage diet, a reducing diet and a maintenance diet. 
Curve "B" is what should result from a maintenance diet for life, set at a new level. Adjustment can be made to really set values.

There are a number of issues that will come up. Two things must happen parallel, adopting a diet plan and an attitude adjustment. The attitude adjustment will be found at and this blog will deal with the food issues. 

The requirements of diet, (the food program, for those who do not like the word diet), must be able for me, us, to stay on for long periods of time, life, at least 90% of the time. As there are 21 meals per week, call it 20 for easy figuring, 5% per meal, 2 meals off track. A word of caution though, if we overeat 1000 calories, and are trying to short 200 per day, you have lost a week in progress. Cheat days, meals, and the cheat attitude are a problem, so 100% compliance is ideal, or perhaps 3 or 4 "big meals" per year is liveable. 

Hunger can be an issue, so I suggest MCT, coconut oil, as an allowable snack nutrient to start with. The nutrition must deal with hunger long term.

To beat this problem as far as I have, I have had to learn about the digestion/metabolism of food, the human need for some, lack of need for others, the main food related hormones, and understand which foods are banned. Banned food are none of these, ever, foods, (SGO6EEH), and are often white. The why  of this RED LIST FOODS may also help keep us off them. I do not believe in moderation in stuff that causes problems, aka poisons.  Then there the addition of amber food list that are CONTROLLED QUANTITY foods, in which the poison is in the dose, and the essentially free foods, within reason, GREEN list, which typically are green. 

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