Thursday, November 1, 2012


The leading cause of obesity in rats is scientists.

Blowback or Blow back, I do not know. The dictionary defines it as unexpected consequence. I do not think it is unexpected, but is just unwanted. If one says anything not well received by the recipient or others, who take offence at the statement, blowback can be expected. With some people in my life, anything I say will cause blowback. Solution: spend no time with them, say nothing.

Buddha said that all speech should true and intended to be helpful. Where the recipient like it or not was of lesser issue. It should not be delivered if it likely to cause offence. So what about the idiot who is preaching wrong facts on the internet. Should one speak to them, or just accept that this is one more wrong idiot? I, personally think a light poke and expect blow back or ignore the whole thing are the two choices, in life and in virtual life.

My comment in Yoni's blog got me trying to create a rule to deal with garbage on some of the good blogs.

  "Nothing wrong with wheat. Yummy, yummy wheat! :) " 

It is that Yummy part that proves exorphins and the wrong reason for eating wheat, the taste sensation driven eating that a major obesity driver, combined with rapid digestion of much of the readily available energy, and insulin high rise, fast storage, rapid redevelopment of hunger, the worst food for anyone dealing with weight issues. Wonderful tasting poison for the less informed, or those who chose to ignore the known facts. It is in the knowing that make it a bad food choice, until then is is an uninformed choice. It is knowledge void that must be addressed.

If there message is generally good, then a light poke and expect blowback, but if there is no redeeming value, delete, or next---> and carry on, I think. Some blowback can expected as a rule in the future.


  1. to comment or not to comment, that is the question.... ;-) even if i know it's pointless, sometimes i HAVE to go ahead and spout.

  2. and in person? in the real world, silence.

  3. well, you can always roll your eyes silently, as long as you are wearing blue-blockers


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