Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Low Carb Choices

The Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta, just east of Drumheller, Alberta has two Low Carb meals on the menu. Wow! Now, those of you who know Wayne will understand. Wayne has a population of 30. It has one business, the Last Chance Saloon, bar, dinning place. It did have a general store and a post office, but when the population dropped to 15, Canada Post pulled the post office. The old people died off and the young parting types moved in. The place is booming. There is one new house, and another under construction. In 1982 it had a community reunion long weekend, and drew 1300 people. It had been a major coal mining place. It is the a place the that banned giving horses beer at the bar. Oh well. In the days of no entertainment in the bar, it put wheels on the piano, for quick exit of the piano.

Back to the menu. It has two low carb choices on the menu. Two 4 oz burger Alberta beef paddies with salad, or two Alberta buffalo paddies from the farm on the top of the hill beyond the 11th bridge. In 6 km, there are 11 bridges on this piece of road. 10 of those are one lane... yield to oncoming traffic... wood plank decks... numbered... all on a meandering creek.

John Wayne shot several moves in the gullies above Wayne. It has camping for 1300 people. A summer hotspot. With nothing but a old bar, that is known to sell beer in Mason jars. Water always comes in Mason Jars. Apparently the last owner left the basement half full of them. The places has still parts on the wall, along with coal mining equipment from the 1930's. Good burgers also, but buffalo is usually good.

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