Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leptin vs fructose

To keep from getting hungry, leptin comes into play. 

Foods that block leptin signalling include sugars, HFCS, and fruits ok.
Fructose directly causes insulin resistance and reduction in leptin signaling (1 l or 2? i do not know). Glucose cause reduced signaling indirectly through higher insulin. MSG, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, including stevia, all directly block leptin.

So any weight loss program should avoid all leptin signal blocking foods, even trace amounts. That means no fruits. None. Noda. Different people have different levels of leptin blocking from fructose, ah, the old dose dependent variation, probably normal distribution, and as I have always been fat, I will be on the low dose tail.

When I was losing, I was not eating fruit. That is the first thing I took back to stabilize my weight, and have been gaining ever since, and hungry. Time to test this theory. No fruit for a while.   

Even the amount of fructose in fruit causes leptin resistance/leptin blocking/hunger for some of us. Anyone trying to lose weight should not take in any fructose. After you are happy with your weight, feel free to add fruit. See Lustig’s work.
Calories is only one gross issue; appetite control is the other. It is only my opinion that anyone who is trying to loss weight should do all practical to reduce appetite. That includes no fructose, but what do I know.

Here is what someone else suggests.

To control your appetite and hunger you can keep keep your leptin levels high by doing the following.
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup and too much sugar. High fructose corn syrup blocks leptin from letting your brain know that you are done eating. The brain does not recognize fructose as a real food and it makes you keep eating. Sugars make your brain less sensitive to leptin.
  • Eat your healthy fats, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. The healthy fats help boost your leptin levels, so they are more satisfying than saturated fats. Both are also great for you heart and arteries.
  • Take zinc. Zinc increases your leptin levels. You can buy zinc in 15mg packets or get it from your multivitamin, which usually contains 12mg 
  • Stop crash diets. When you lose a lot of weight quickly from serious calorie restriction, your leptin levels plummet. So you get hungrier, your thyroid decreases output and your metabolic rate drops.
  • Eat ONE large meal per week.Your body then senses the rush of fuel and boosts leptin levels, increasing your metablism and priming your body for fat loss. 
  • Sleep well. Research has found that shorter sleep periods (6 hours or less) lowers leptin levels, cause an increase in appetite and make people crave carbs and other fattening foods. 

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