Friday, June 15, 2012

Appetite Reduction

Eat fruit and get hungry. No fruit, no appetite. The choice for weight loss is apparent.

But why is there such a loss of appetite with removal of fruit? Fat cell equilibrium only explains the numbers.

Could it be as simple as fruit is an appetite stimulus? Along with sugars, grains, carbohydrate in general? A survival method developed in prehistory?

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  1. One of the most reasonable arguments I have heard regarding why fructose would stimulate appetite is based on evolution. The time of year when fruit is ripe (late summer,autumn) is when humans (and other animals)needed to gain weight to prepare for winter when food would be more scarce. Fructose would stimulate the appetite so one would eat more and gain fat.

    I agree - cutting carbs, particularly sugars and grains kills hunger (especially that nauseous kind). I'm so glad to now live a lifestyle free of the constant drive to eat caused by sugar induced hunger. After losing 130 lbs.,further weight loss has been difficult for me, but maintenance is easy.


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