Friday, June 29, 2012

Solutions to Obesity

How does one treat obesity?

As an engineer, I need to know what causes it, then remove the cause, is the first step.The causes can be grouped: 

  1. Spiritual / belief disorders. - treatment - reprogramming.  (this is where my greatest changes have occurred) Developing the desire to overcoming - ignorance, apathy, greed,  and do something about the problem. Those who do not care cannot be helped. Some will understand and for those, I will carry on.
  2. Compulsive Overeating, a behavioural addiction, (as opposed to the  atypical bulimia, anorexia). Treatment - Schwartz, OA, alternate obsession with 3 moderate meals per day, and work or live the remainder of the time.
  3. Sugar Addiction, a substance addiction. (dopamine circuit) Treatment - complete abstinence. May also include fructose addition, and fruit may also need to be excluded.
  4. Grain Addiction, a substance addiction. (serotonin circuit)  wheat, gluten and/or gladin, amepectin A, or carbohydrate in general - Treatment complete abstinence.
  5. Over production of gehlin, chronic stress, chronic distress, chronic abuse, trapped,  ... Treatment ???
  6. Over appetite stimulation - Treatment - remove all appetite stimulus... coffee, alcohol, sugar, grains, great tasting processed food, chocolate, etc. Reward theory- 
  7. Cravings - Treatment - supplements as required, removal of triggers... temptation.
  8. Hunger - removal of fructose, and glucose, lactose, gladen, gladin, etc, from diet, or what ever is triggering the hunger. Including leptin resistance, insulin blocking leptin signal, fructose blocking leptin signal.
  9. Insulin, low blood sugars - low carb, let the liver produce the required glucose.  This includes insulin resistance/ fat locked in issues/ division of energy (Taubes, Lustig)
  10. Tired - go to bed. Angry, lonely, bored, resentful, (get over it - buckup buttercup)
  11. Emotional issues - Deal with it. or become a buddhist.
  12. Personality issues - personality disorders -
  13. lack of food knowledge - ignorance, apathy, greed
  14. other physical, emotional, medical issues 
The diet that works for me is LCHF, no fruit. Low GI may work for those without insulin - hyperinsulinemia - BG issues.

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