Friday, June 22, 2012

the men who...

Zoe does a nice summary of 2

This reminds me of the story about the frog in the water with a small flame under the pail.... It get hot without him noticing...

We have noticed now. We can save ourselves, and those who we influence. The remainder.... Oh well.

It is really about how to convince people the conventional wisdom is wrong.

I am away this week, in beautiful Duck Lake, Saskatchewan. (Wife's family historical  home). The local store is also the only fast food place, but the sell wonderful roaster port ribs at reasonable prices, and Chesters chicken, regular, corn breaded or crushed nut breading. Low carb is showing up all over the place, but it was peanut breading. chicken with peanut butter taste. Um. Not bad, but then this is Duck Lake, where the natives and  Métis got restless in 1885. The natives still are not in the best of humour. Oh well.

Good beef country, mostly grass fed, some winter green feed, some early winter corn for pasture, and swath grassing. Corn will not mature here, but it produces pasture for early winter. I do not know how that fits into "grass fed" but the criters east ears, leaves and stocks in that order.

The post office is closed in favour of private post office boxes. The biggest business is a pea plant, that chips to China. Main street is about half empty, but bar does well, and the local store/fast food place. Liquor store/insurance sales place does well. Yes, an odd combination. Post office/convenience store/gas pump/ bus depo/ survives, although the husband is away trucking in Alberta, where the economy is hot. The bank became the town office. It had the north wall reinforced with a used grader blade just like the one in Dog River, for those who noticed.

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