Friday, June 8, 2012

Appetite Reduction

Appetite reduction is the key to weight loss. Appetite reduction will result in eating less, less intake equals weight loss. The reasons for less intake may be low carb, ketonic diet, low insulin generating diet, or other reasons.

The  appetite stimulation from grains, and sugars and fruits, MSG, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, steevia, and all those other things that stimulates appetite just plain must be avoided, eliminated. Appetite stimulus by blocking leptin signing is suspected. Insulin has a similar effect according to Lustig. The actual method is secondary to feeling the effect. When there is no appetite stimulation, there is a 2 or 3 moderate meals in the day, little hunger, and that hunger that I experience is low intensity, not intense craving that comes with even a little fruit.

There is some glucose in the coleslaw dressing that I use, but it seems ok. Butter is somewhat insulinogenic, but it seems ok. Fructose, glucose, gladin, and starches all seem to stimulate appetite. Oh well, they can be banned food for a while, or not considered to be foods. Nuts also go on this list.

Why does fruit block leptin? How come all the weight loss grue's  are not stating this much more loudly? Well perhaps it is not true for all, dose dependent, below the radar, as Lustic suggests. Perhaps the appetite stimulus changes with time and energy expenditure. But what do I know?

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