Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Past, Present and F...

We are just back from a few days away, and it is time for a review.
It has been over one year since I started this process, an what have I learned?

Well, not what I expected. I already knew that carbohydrates were not suitable for human food in any processed form. I now know that I do not consider processed eatable products to be food, and should be banned from human food stores. These are creating a industry, sick people industry. Should I get in to it or fight against it?

I knew that wheat products were addicting, but now I know how. Likewise with sugars. Recovery means to stop considering carbohydrates as food.

The government does not have the citizens best interests at heart, they have their own re-election in front of them, and support the money system that will get them re-elected. Big Ag, big pharma, selling to the chronic miss informed people who do not have the time to sort the facts from the bull shit. It is all about the money, and keeping it flowing. No one planned this whole mess. No one can fix it, but each individual can live a Paleo template lifestyle with integrity and forethought. We can save ourselves, and those we influence.

It is difficult to go through life watching the trains head for each other, knowing that the wrecks are going to happen, having just avoided a wreck myself, and not fully recovered yet, and no body is listening. What to do? The media bull shit is loud. Noise to signal ration is large. The signal is weak, intermittent. I have dealt with this in the geotechnical engineering world my whole career, and no longer care to continue.... that is to say... teach the solution, just to be ignored.

Does one continue to rail against government nutrition recommendation ignorance, just like other forms of stupidity? Or do I just say, Oh well, and carry on looking after myself? Or does one speak out the lack of green vegetables in the convenience foods? The dis-service fast food does to the public? But as the man said," sell what the people are buying." Change must come from the consumer, and that will only happen after they need and want a change.

Stop struggling to lose weight and lose weight. Food / not food... approach, three moderate meals a day, closed kitchen other times. I just do not know. Indecision. no choice, too many choices. How does one turn this into a money generator?

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  1. :-) hope you had a good vacation! try not to let the "return to reality" get you down....

    i don't hope to make any impact writing my blog, but i find it a good outlet, to get things off my mind. :-) you never know, though -- sometimes a randomly-heard word is enough to start some people thinking!


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