Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling a fructose high

I just realized that I can feel a assumed fructose high. It may be a glucose/fructose high, but my blood glucose is in the normal range. Perhaps it is something else, but what ever it is, really takes the edge off. To bad that the negative of this slightly dopey feeling is weight gain. But if this slightly blunted feeling, were only in the unconscious,    but recognised in the unconscious, it could drive the obesity epidemic. But it is and does.

I am 63 years old, and I never before picked up on this feeling as being caused by fructose. But then I have been low carb (80/20) for a while now, and this may be one of the few time that I have gone from  ketonic to fructose dose. It is like low grade alcohol, mild dose, long term nipping.

Is this what Buddha referenced to as rice intoxication? Or was that spoiling rice by yeast, on the way to rice wine... or was it this effect, which I quite like. To bad the calories required to maintain it are so large.

Sugar highs feel nice. Is this what they mean as "reward theory"?

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