Friday, November 20, 2015

Yah Sure
And then there are those of us who find hunger unbearable after 6 or 8 hours, knowing the fridge has food in it.

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On a personal level, I have had time to read a bit of philosophy now, and have identified several philosophical/psychological issues around life and/or retirement which I need to resolve. Social need, activity-exercise need, and adaption to change all have changed. So must the ways of fulfilling these needs. Some of these I have resolved, which leaves me at odds with many others.  I need more social time, but not a great deal. Work, in the past, has been low social, isolation at a desk, crank out engineering reports. I like to do the work necessary to crank out the report as well, but age took that away.

From an academic standpoint, some of this is cross societal bovine natural fertilizers, and some is my personal belief system that I would like to reconcile into something not resembling conflict. Some of this is the result of the times, starting out with basic survival level and ending in the computer age. All this high speed change does not sit well with my analytical nature and the speed of change that I am comfortable with. In many cases, when I look at the raw logic, society is just out of date with the logic and much of the proven knowledge. There is no solution other than me becoming more sociopathic, that is “not caring” or reducing the frequency of contact to approach zero of those who are insistent.   

Modern psychology is quick to tell we are not social enough, or we are too social, but never will it define the right amount of social in advance, for it could be wrong, and always want to be right. I have met people who cannot concentrate for 5 minutes on something by themselves, and others of us that can work in isolation for months. So what is the right amount? Either way, what ever is required, is what the psychologist suggest? 

I pulled a quote from unrelated place...."the business of living is so desperately hard, relationships are so challenging, work often so unfulfilling or boring, family dynamics so tricky and the capacity for honest, kindly conversation so restricted, we may through no particular fault of our own fall into despondency"... It is often tough to earn a living of the standard we expect, or that others expect of us.

There are those people who can never be satisfied, and those who are always satisfied, they have no desires. There are those who work for every thing they get, and those who just demand more all the time. More effort, more production, more money. Screw it all. I just do not care any more.

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  1. Fred, you have my sincere sympathy. Life DOES suck, sometimes ... and for some of us, it sucks much more often than not.


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