Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shear Luck

When we consider all the possibilities, and eliminate the nots, whatever remains, however improbable must be the solution... or something to that effect.

Overeating is driven by something internal or external, and we can create a long list of causes. We can list the internal causes as over driven hunger, cravings, appetite or desires. Among then is some physical or mental irrational urge, without defined cause, which remains after we deal with stresses, emotions, and maladaptive behaviors.

AA and OA deal with moral values, ethics, social interactions, through acceptance of a delusion. So if that does not help much, and CBT, IP leave us lacking and behavioral therapy tries to change us into a twerp, what is left? All these therapies start with an assumption that what we are doing is wrong, and that may not be true. The Stoics described how one should behave, as do many religions and certainly there is an undefined behavior behind all these therapies. These are mutually exclusive, so which one is right?

If the problem is not food knowledge, social, environmental, food addiction, or maladaptive behavior, all that remains is some kind of mental or physical defect or illness that drives us to desire to eat strongly and to eat to much, too often, or the like. Is that what has come to be called compulsive overeating?

Ultimately, I guess what I am saying is: the treatment does not match the problem that many of us have. 

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