Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pity the Ignorant

The zealot Muslims are just doing as there "religion" teaches, even if there "religion" is a splinter group. They are ignorant that we are here to cooperate, and provide an environment for our species to flourish. We have flourished in spite of such belief systems, to the point that there are too many of us now, and for now. Soon the drug resistant bacteria will trim us to size, or climate change or man made disaster, or man's ignorance...

The zealot Muslims are unaware of the natural laws of mass society, treat others as we would like to be treated. This can be observed in any peaceful law abiding community. They, the ignorant, instead follow a old man made stone age religion, with modern weapons. The only result can be destruction and loss of goodwill toward that group, and by extension toward all Muslims, even though many are good people. They need to separate themselves from the bad in order to be considered good.

They are ignorant that there is no god, that the good life is based on good human behavior toward each other, not a consistent ideology. Logic alone can drive good behavior and sound thinking, but if they need to believe in a supernatural force to get through life, then I pity them. The stone age, bronze age, iron age, have passed. We are down to information age. We can sort real from fiction by the acid tests of logic and reality, the concepts philosophy and psychology. We do not need some old book of stories that display the art of good story telling, immorality of the main character, and the demand or suggestion that we follow his prescription... because he knows more than we do.

As we mature unto our senior years, we know more than anyone could have at any time in the past, as there is just so much more known and shared in literature, including all written publications. We do not need to hold onto the idea that what was good enough for Mohammad is good enough for us. All I can feel is pity for there ignorance.  



  1. Don't get me started on religion Fred, I have enough grief dealing with the high junk food, high medication zealots. More die in the name of religion than any other cause I reckon.

    But hey, what do I know. Wink

    Regards Eddie

  2. I think you got it about right. Both groups need to be beat down and that can only be done by cutting their disciples away, one at a time, and teaching those disciples what is true and right and good. The old guard can then be allowed to die off without infecting the young.

  3. Great post Fred..."the good life is based on good human behavior", amen!!!
    (All sarcasm intended)

  4. Thanks Val. The Stoics claim the only good is virtue, which I believe is about correct.


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