Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Short Term Fix for Life's Problems

Shot term fix is all anyone can offer until the real problem is understood and a solution found, assuming the problem is fixable. All we can really fix is our reaction to the problem. That is all we have control over.

For example, we have all heard these grand schemes of the politicians to fix the unemployment issue, and yet we import workers from the third world into this second world country. Old world, new world, third world, that makes us, by definition, a second world country. Tim Hortons could not run here without imported workers, because our locals have such high expectations (delusions) of there value that they will not work there. It is not a career, but a job until something better comes along. Put some interest into the work, learn how to sell, systematize product distribution, and the next job may be much better. Would you like fries with that?

The first thing anyone needs is interest in something. A positive emotion is the place to start in any field. A bit of enthusiasm, interest, yield engagement, knowledge, effort, purpose and meaning. Over time and if fate permits, accomplishments occur, leading to satisfaction, joy, and reinforcement of the positive emotion. By the way, that is the essence of positive psychology.

None of this is short term, the first step in overcoming the disease, disorder, behavior, habit of overeating is to stop overeating and get busy with life, and address those factors that are driving us to overeat. We can step back from our extended family if that is the problem. Family is not the most important thing in my life. My tranquility, serenity, peace in my life is to me. If family is the problem, then until I learn how to live sanely in a insane situation, it is time to step back. I have. Now it is time to get on with my life without them, or there idiot beliefs effect the way I live.

We live under constant bombardment of ideas, most of which are wrong, do not apply to me, or are just marketing. All bool. Being partly deaf is not such a bad thing. As a atheist, sorting memes from reality is becoming easier. Assume it is all bool, bullshit, or crap, and salvage the good ideas only after careful examination and testing.  

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