Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lose the weight; life problems remain

I expect that the reason that weight is so difficult to keep off is that after we lose the weight, all our life problems remain, what ever those problems were. I think that long term success will need to include identification and corrections of those shortcomings, or conditions in which we live. I do not think that learning to live in a bad situation created by others is a real solution. 

In the past I have listed an number of categories of these problems; to this list I will add one more. http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/2015/09/edited-thinking-time.html Physical, environmental, psychological maladaptive personality or emotional response, social discomfort, chemical in the food aka food addiction, food knowledge plus lack of direction now. 

Until I find a suitable handle for this group, I will describe the group first. Loss or lack of direction, boredom, lack of a scene of urgency or importance for some activity, lack of interest in activity, in general apathy about life. I think it may be the result of being put down so much as a child, why bother caring about anything if it will be just taken away, or condemned. Apathy is the result. Frustration fixation, that is where there is only unsatisfying outcome or eating was the way I was raised. It was hell, but with lots of food, good food, and no rules other that eat, eat, eat. 

This lack of direction is not in it's self bad, but the converse is good. It is a burning urgency of action that keeps me away from the food, regardless of what that activity is. I need to value that activity. Tilting at windmills, if you like.   Conversion of the religious to realism/atheistism sound like a good thing to become frustrated at, it should be possible and would have value, considering the resent events in Paris and elsewhere.

I think some of us overweight people do not have enough to do that we want to do in an urgent way. Others of us quickly become apathetic to other people who do not think as we do, hence have no desire to hang about with others, even when we have to opportunity. We end up with time to get bored... or not bored, but not pressed into action at least. Perhaps we need to live with a sense of urgency to do something. A human doing, rather than a human being.

But then, what do I know?

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