Saturday, November 14, 2015

The War Against Religion

The War Against Religion is about to start. We see the problems that religion bring to the the middle east, and now to  France.

Religions are belief systems founded on a underlying theology or philosophy. When that "belief system" is just wrong, but  "religions arrogance" says "We are right, god is on our side" now what.

I am an atheist, -well not quite. More of a non-theist but becoming more atheist. The difference, as I see it, is the non-theist does not care what you, other think. You are free to believe what ever delusion turns your crank. But this is where the problem lies, in not knowing how to test for true solution.

I believe we are an opportunistic organic species living on this big rock whirling through space. We evolved in this atmosphere, over time. There is no purpose beyond biological reproduction and flourishing of the species. We have become too successful, there are too many of us. We suffer from local overpopulation. We suffer from delusions that our group, that is people which think alike we do are right, and our belief system is right and should be adopted without discussion.

In the sciences, there is very little conflict. The science is clear and right. Evolution is real and correct. The survivor is right. The conflict is in convincing the non-believers that science is right. Philosophy is part of science, just the concept part.

I did believe that you had the right to believe what ever delusion made you happy. I am not so sure now. We should teach the way to separate delusions from real facts that evidence shows. This is the foundation of facts. Testing of philosophy only gets us part way. We need to understand our secondary purpose that we plan onto life, and get these into line with the world as it exists in the here and now, where we have the capacity to destroy much of what the population has built. In fact, we are on a self-destruct course, exhaustion of finite resources, and making portions of this planet uninhabitable. The other case is to make some of the people wish to not be, that annihilation is better that what we have. Consider the refugees that cross the Adriatic on a leaky boat? Death by tyrant v. a high chance of drowning. There is no down side of getting into a small poor boat.

I started today as a non-theist and now am truing atheist, that is one who has a duty to tell you that there is no god, and if you think there is one, you have a serious delusion. What does this have to do with weight management? It is all about what we believe, even more than the food. If I are busy fight a good war, the food is not calling due to boredom, indecision, inaction.

A Lapel Pin 1in - Lapel Pinimage of Richard Dawkins Atheist pin

But then what do I know? 


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