Monday, November 2, 2015

WHO bullshit

Correlation does not prove causation. All the chemicals in modern processed meats are not like pemmican. Fructose is being used as a browning agent in the fast food industry. So knowing all this, am I going to pay any future attention to WHO?

The world is overpopulated; we are seeing the migration of local political over-populations from Syria and middle east. It is time to recognize religions are as much bullshit as WHO. Dawkins has the answer, perhaps. Evolution is continuing, and after the next die off, which will be left?


  1. someone i follow on twitter found that a third of the WHO panel fought against the anti-red-meat pronouncement ... and politics won over science yet again.

  2. Thanks Tess. Reality is for those who want it, not the deluded like politicians.


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