Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How big of issue is Bacteria?

How much of cravings that I feel is Bacteria?

Bacteria, Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, are the four areas that K Cann identifies as the cause of cravings. Bacterial is one I have not explored. The premise is that dopamine or opioid are released by the bacteria that digest sugars and starches and that is why these food become hyper-palatable or the cause of us liking them.

Ok, so it can also be physical, that for what ever reason we like them. So if it is bacterial, and we do not eat any of these, that is we starve out the bacteria, we should not crave. But in the past, the cravings have only reduced. Perhaps I need to try cleaner low carb? Is this not the same as trying something and when it does not work, assuming we must be doing something wrong. How is this really different than "Candis overgrowth"? Ok, Candis is a yeast, not a bacteria.

So what evidence is there for bacteria producing opioid that we like? Opioid is a peptide, and it can be split from protein under the right conditions; bacteria plus suitable protein, as in the case of wheat. Perhaps a few others, but it is unlikely to come from carbohydrates. So I call bullshit on that part. I cannot deny the possibility sugars causing the release of morphine like molecules from the gut or bacteria, but proteins are also needed as raw material. I think this is just one more theory. The fact remains that carbohydrate drives insulin production, and insulin is the storage hormone.

It all come back to some things are up to us and some are not. I can choose to eat, or I can choose not to eat.

Enough. A picture just because:
Thanks Tess, I either forgot or never read it.

So the bugs made me do it.


  1. I assume you've read the FIAF series over at Hyperlipid? I found it eye-opening.

  2. Thanks Tess,
    I either forgot or had not read that. So the bugs made me do it.


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